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  About Us    Our Network 

  Our Network

ParaFX.com operates a completely independently owned Data Centre in the Greater Toronto Area.  Our operations Centre is completely restricted from public access to provide the required physical security our clients deserve.

Our Data Centre is host to both dedicated server clients as well as our own hosting structure, thus all services are networked to compliment each other.

  About Our Network & Infrastructure

Data Security
Unlike at some other data centers which aggregate client routing through hubs, our internal network is on a dedicated Ethernet segment. This protects the confidentiality of traffic within the data center itself.
Multiple Internet Gateways   
Our dedicated segment is connected to two custom routers on a core Cisco network. These routers provide the gateways to the machines on our internal network, and employ BGP to advertise the IP space assigned. The system ensures traffic is routed via the most appropriate link. Routing over multiple links can be tailored to effectively facilitate traffic modeling based on the business factors of each bandwidth provider.
BGP4 Routing
The network runs the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) for best case routing. Our entirely switched, Cisco powered network employs HSRP (N+1 hot fail over) to ensure that data can be routed even in the event of a router fail over. The BGP4 protocol is a standard that allows for the evaluation of each packet of information sent out from the network. Because of our redundant network architecture, packets may be sent via alternative routes even if they are being delivered to the same end user! This also allows for packets to be redirected via another route if network congestion on the public Internet becomes overwhelming.
The routers are connected to each switch with redundant links , and core switches are connected together with dual gigabit links (Fiber Optic) as well as back up Ethernet trunk links.  All switches throughout our Data Centre are connected with redundant uplinks which employ instant failover in the event of cable failure.  All our networking equipment is Cisco enterprise level hardware.
ParaFX.com employs redundant ISP links to our Data Centre.  ParaFX.com only uses upstream providers that are peered in TorIX (The Toronto Internet Exchange)  This provides advantage routing among leading ISPs for enhanced speed, performance and redundancy.  Combining our core connectivity and the TorIX we offer greater service level for connectivity
Through construction of our Data Centre, there are many built in Internet Services that can be used to compliment a clients' server.  Client servers can make use of existing services to conserve resources locally to a single task.

Clients can have a custom setup that allows them to use existing infrastructure components such as:
  • Redundant Name Servers (DNS Servers)
  • Redundant Load Balanced Mail Servers
  • Caching Name Servers
  • Switched Redundant Network Backbone
  • Load Balancers (Cisco Local Directors)
  • Redundant RAID Storage Arrays
Our Network Operations Centre offers the following features:
  • 24/7 Security monitoring including intrusion detection, instant breach alarm, and temperature monitoring
  • UPS Power Backup
  • 24 hour monitoring for server and service uptime, monitored from 3 different points
  • HVAC Environmental System (Heating and Ventilation Air Conditioning)
Scale to an unlimited number of domains on redundant servers
ParaFX.com architecture and infrastructure was designed and built from the ground up to scale to an unlimited number of domains. These domains are hosted on multiple redundant servers, which are clustered using load balancing hardware.
Network Appliance filers assure speed and data integrity
Data integrity and speed are assured by multiple Network Appliance Filers using RAID technology, as well as fiber optic connections between our farms and the data storage unit. The systems are continuously monitored for reliability and performance by our NOC support staff. The data center is protected through electrical power backup, independent air conditioning units and physical security measures.
Manage your DNS Pointers with SMART DNS
ParaFX.com offers a unique level of managing your domain name.  We offer our SMART DNS service.  This allows you to create custom pointers for your domain name through a web based interface.



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