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   is committed to keeping our clients up to date with current system status and scheduled maintenance windows.
You can visit this page at any time to view the present status of the entire hosting system.
In addition, you can follow us on Twitter @parafxcomstatus to receive updates and notifications of system maintenance and issues.

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  Subject:  Observed delayed email to Bell Email Addresses - Bell Email Servers Not accepting some or all incoming mail  
  Date:  June 01, 2020 - UPDATES POSTED  
  Status:  FYI Posting  
  UPDATE:  06-03-2020  12:00am EST
RESOLVED:  Bell has not advised of resolve - however we have observed the issue has subsided.

We have not been advised of resolve of this issue, however from our continued monitoring of mail processing - we have observed that this issue may have been resolved on the Bell email servers.  Our continued monitoring indicates successful acceptance of mail destined for Bell email servers (addresses).  This includes and email addresses. 

Previously our system attempted to submit / deliver emails to Bell email servers, however emails were intermittently not being accepted.  This did not appear to be a block, however about half of our mail systems were not being permitted to submit emails to Bell, and were given a response that caused items to be queued.  Our mail service uses a pool or cluster of many mail servers that are all processing mail to and from our clients.  Bell does similarly have many servers performing mail operations as well.  It appeared that some of their servers were not allowing some of our servers to submit mail destined for their client email addresses.  We are no longer seeing pended emails and are seeing that emails our system submits to Bell systems are being accepted from all systems.  We will continue to monitor and if necessary, we will co-operate with Bell admins to ensure complete resolve.

UPDATE:  06-02-2020   2:30pm EST

We have been advised by a contact at Bell Canada that the details of this issue has been escalated to their mail administrator(s) and we are standing by for a reply.  Since, we have observed that pended emails sent to Bell addresses have cleared but appear to have done so because Bell servers have since responded to our servers rejecting the messages instead of temporarily pending them.

We will continue to report observations on this issue from our system side - while also sharing additional info / notice of resolve we receive from Bell Canada.  At this time, this issue requires resolution on Bell email systems which are sporadically not accepting mail sumissions.


UPDATE:  06-02-2020

We have continued to observe random and continued issues specifically on Bell email servers - when submitting emails from our system to Bell destinations.  Additionally, we are seeing an inconsistent error / results from various hosts on Bell network.  We have informed Bell NetOps contacts of
details on this issue, however this is a matter requiring resolution on the Bell server side at this time.  We are prepared to co-operate with Bell to provide them additional info to help in a resolve, however until resolved by Bell mail administrators - clients may experience delayed delivery to Bell addresses or may have email incorrectly rejected.



Our NetOps staff have observed some emails queued on our mail system that are destined for Bell email addresses. 

Upon further investigation, it appears that emails destined for Bell Canada mail system are not currently being accepted.  This does not appear to be a block in place against our system, but rather that the mail servers at Bell Canada may be overloaded or may not be accepting incoming mail at this time.

We cannot determine the scope of this issue, as it is an issue with the destination mail system, however clients who have sent mail to Bell email addresses, or have email accounts on our system that forward to their Bell address (, and other examples) may see a delay in receiving emails (or a delay in emails being accepted / delivered to Bell email addresses).  As this is an issue with an outside mail system (used by many of our clients), we wanted to notify clients of what we have observed, but we cannot determine if it is all Bell email addresses/services or if it is just an intermittent problem possibly due to high email volume at this time.

At this time, the response we receive when attempting to send / submit emails to Bell systems is "421 Service unavailable".  This means that our system attempts to submit emails destined for the Bell email system and Bell servers are not currently able to respond to receive incoming mail items.
Based on items in our queue (attempting to send to Bell) this issue may have begun as long as 2 days ago.  Most often this is a temporary condition possibly due to load, or system changes or temporary system issues.

Our mail system is fully operational, and emails will be maintained in a queue on our system and will continue to attempt to re-submit to Bell email servers.

We will continue to monitor this situation, however this issue requires resolve by Bell System Administrators.

All our hosting services are functioning optimally.  If you are experiencing any difficulties, please email our support department at:

Alternatively you can submit your issue by clicking the online link below: 

.:: - Support ::.

Thank you Operations


  Subject:  All Systems Functioning Optimally  
  Date:  June 03, 2020   
  Status:  FYI Posting  
  All our hosting services are functioning optimally.  If you are experiencing any difficulties, please email our support department at:

Alternatively you can submit your issue by clicking the online link below: 

.:: - Support ::.

Thank you Operations





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