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Raid Disk Space
The amount of disk space allocated to your hosting plan.  In the case where your hosting plan allows for multiple domain hosting, this space is shared between your domains. Although each domain will share a portion of the disk space allocated to your plan, each domain will have its own private directory where its files will reside. RAID is a network storage device that employs fiber optic uplinks to the network and also provides data redundancy.  Our RAID storage devices employ a custom RAID configuration allowing a single hard drive to fail without customer impact.  Data is stored on shelves of multiple hard drives to ensure mass storage and redundancy in case of hard drive failure.

Hosting Platform
The hosting platform refers to the Operating system used to host your website.  It is mentioned as this helps to identify the different plans and the languages and technologies they support.  In addition, if you are using sample code or applications in your site, you will often find that coding methods can differ depending on the platform.

Email Addresses
Each hosting plan comes with a certain amount of email addresses (depending on plan type). Mailboxes are actual email accounts on the server where you can receive your email at, something like you@yourdomain.com.  Email addresses include forwards or catchall addresses.

A Forwarding account will receive mail for the address you are creating and forward it on to an address you specify

A Catchall account is used to collect mail for all e-mail addresses that you have not created for your domain.

If you create: bob@mydomain.com and cindy@mydomain.com, and you made a Catchall address called info@mydomain.com then mail addressed for anything other than bob or cindy will automatically be delivered to info@mydomain.com  So if someone emails webmaster@mydomain.com it will deliver that mail to the info@mydomain.com mailbox.

Multiple Domain Hosting
Many of our packages provide you the ability to host multiple domains within the package.  This means that you can use your web space and email addresses for more than one domain.  Each package has a domain limit indicated in the package chart.  If you have 2 domains, you can have them both be under 1 package.  You can then create separate website content directories, and separate email addresses for each domain.  Email addresses and web space is shared among any and all domains in your package.

You can for example have "mydomain.com" and "yourdomain.com" placed in a single package. If your package has 10 email addresses, you can create 3 emails for yourdomain.com and 7 for mydomain.com or any which way you desire.  Web space also follows this logic.  Web space represents total disk space you have in a package.  How it is shared among multiple domains is not a set value.  If you have 25 MB of web space, you can use that space however you see fit among your hosted domains.

99% Uptime Guarantee / 24/7 Network Monitoring
The 99% uptime guarantee and constant network monitoring provides you the security and confidence that our systems are monitored to ensure proper functionality.  In the event of issues arising, Network Operations Staff have emergency contingency plans in place to effectively deal with the issue at hand.  If our uptime guarantee is not successfully met in a month, a compensation plan will be issued to all affected customers at the discretion of the principals.  We monitor our measured uptime to ensure this standard is maintained.

Auto WWW
Our system will automatically set up your site to serve when people go to http://www.youdomain.com and also if they just enter http://yourdomain.com

FrontPage Extensions
Required if you are going to be using MS FrontPage to build and publish your site. Frontpage extensions allows you to use pre-configured features that MS FrontPage creates for you in your webpage..

Required if you are going to be using Perl/CGI scripts on your site. Examples of CGI scripts are FormMail, counters, boards, etc.

Free Technical Support
We provide all our technical support via email inquiry.  If you have any problems you can email our support department.  All our support inquiries are answered by our System Administrators, thus giving our customers direct support from the creators and managers of the system.  At this time we do not have a support contact number, however all our support inquiries are answered within 24 hours.  Our current average response time is under 2 hours.

Required if you are going to be using PHP scripts on your site.  PHP is a powerful programming language that has increased drastically in popularity.

Server Side Includes (SSI)
Allows you to create dynamic content for your pages. Such content can include the current date, the file's last modification date, and the size or last modification of other files. In its more advanced usage, it can provide a powerful interface to CGI scripts and /bin/sh programs.

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database, recognized for its speed and reliability.

Domain Manager
Domain Manager is an advanced feature of our hosting system and is available on all our webhosting packages.  This allows you to control DNS records for your domain.  This is considered to be an advanced tool, however with this application you can create hostnames based on your domain.  An example of its use is to be able to name workstations and servers in your office by creating a hostname that points to the IP of your server or workstation.  You can also use this feature to create sub-sites of your domain such as http://support.yourdomain.com

Traffic Statistics
Traffic Statistic Reports are formulated graphical reports of your site and its traffic trends.  This system provides a marketing analysts dream of information on visitors to your site.  You can even view past months.

Shared SSL

Same as SSL, except you would be "sharing" our SSL certificate, hence no need to purchase a separate SSL certificate. The "SSL" portion of your site would be a Third Level Domain, i.e: https://secure.smartwebservers.com/~yourdomain.  Note the Shared SSL does not support ASP or Cold Fusion scripting language at this time.

Active Server Pages (ASP)
ASP (Active Server Pages) is a programming language native to the Windows 2000 hosting environment.  Its an additional programming option for your site.  ASP features the ability to use installed COM components, as well as perform actions with your MS Access, MySQL or MS-SQL databases.

Cold Fusion 5.0
Cold Fusion 5.0 is yet another programming language to offer you additional programming capabilities for your site. Cold Fusion supports many standard Web application functions and also allows you to interact with your MS-Access, MySQL or MS-SQL databases.  Cold Fusion is a Tag based language.

Cold Fusion MX
Cold Fusion MX is yet another programming language to offer you additional programming capabilities for your site. Cold Fusion MX is the most current version of Cold Fusion, and offers several function enhancements from the previous version.  Cold Fusion supports many standard Web application functions and also allows you to interact with your MS-Access, MySQL or MS-SQL databases.  Cold Fusion is a Tag based language.

Web Based Email (WebMail Interface)
Webmail is a web based email client that allows you to access your email even when you are away from your computer.  If you are on the road, all you need is a web browser and you can check your email remotely.  To use WebMail, simply visit:  http://webmail.parafx.com and enter in your email address and password and you will be taken into a web based email client.




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