Signup Options Explained

Register a New Domain
Select this option if you wish to register a new domain.  This option can also be used if you already have hosting services with and wish to add an additional domain to your services.  Simply register your domain with this option and then you can email our support department requesting this domain be attached to your existing account


Transfer an Existing Domain
Select this option if you wish to transfer an existing domain you own to This allows to provide you support for your domain as well as your hosting.  This option can be used to transfer domains that you wish to have added to your hosting account. Following completion of the transfer, you can request us to add your domain to your existing hosting account by emailing our support department.


Register a New Domain and Sign Up for Hosting
This selection is ideal if you are just starting your web presence. This option will walk you through the process of registering a domain of your choice as well as linking it to your selected hosting services.  All hosting services are set up same day, so this is the fastest way to get started.


Transfer an Existing Domain and Sign Up for Hosting
Select this option if you are looking to transfer a domain and establish a new hosting account.  Please note that with the domain transfer process, a confirmation email will be sent to the administrative contact on the domain.  


Sign Up for Hosting Only
Select this option if you already have a domain name that you do not wish to transfer to, or if you have previously registered a domain with but did not select a hosting package.